state of the Church 

A Presentation 

on “The state of the Church Today”   Francis is making changes.  John-Henry Westen has documented what Francis has said and done.  There is reason to be concerned if you think life, marriage, and family are important.  If you are worried about climate change, no problem.   


bishops approve 

A Budget 

which includes a 3 percent increase for 2021 assessments.  Same as they did for 2015.  They need more money.  When you contribute to your parish, a fixed portion must go to the bishops.  This is not a problem if you are okay with what the bishops are doing with your money.  Do you know what they are doing with your money?   



A Priority 

that has no equal.  If you don’t get this right, you can’t get anything right.  Not even climate change.  Not even homosexuality.  The democrats and the bishops seem to have a common agenda.  Ignore abortion.  Promote same sex attraction.  Stress climate change and open borders.  An unholy alliance


climate change 

A Test 

for sanity.  If you buy into this climate change hoax, there is something wrong with you.  It doesn’t show you care.  It may show that you want to care but your ability to think about what is important has been seriously corrupted.  Brainwashed.  Think for yourself. Don’t let them do it for you.  


the laity 

A Prophecy 

being fulfilled. Some are leaving the Church.  Others are fighting for the Church they love.  The bishops have been corrupted.  Leaders in the laity are exposing them.  Listen to and support these leaders.  Speak out.  This is no time to be silent.  Let your pastor know that you cannot, will not, support the bishops.  Stay with the Church and fight for it.  


is it 

A Real Concern 

of theirs or are they just using it?  Climate change.  What might they be using it for?  A distraction.  What don’t they want to talk about?  Abortion and homosexuality.  The democrats don’t want to talk about abortion.  Francis and the bishops don’t want to talk about homosexuality.  They all want to talk about climate change.  It’s a distraction they want and need.