a fit with numbers 

A Prophecy Fulfilled In History 

A big number like “a thousand years” or maybe “666” should fit with the smaller numbers like “ten horns” and “seven heads”.  This is the way to connect history with prophecy reliably.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy and only numbers can connect them.  


a red horse 

A Threat to Christianity 

A threat to peace.  The rider was Mohammed who was given a great sword.  History records all the battles that can be attributed to Islam, the religion of peace.  It started at the Red Sea.  The Russians from the Black sea slowed them down but they must still be reckoned with.  

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a black horse 

A Threat To Religion 

A threat to life, marriage, and family.  The rider was Marx, the father of communism, socialism, and modernism.  The Church stood in the way.  Her teachings on life, marriage, and family would inspire many to fight for liberty and justice for all.  That fight continues today.   Save the Church.  Save the Truth and your freedom.  

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a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A chastisement for ignoring the teachings of the Church.  The sanctity of life, marriage, and family are being replaced by concerns about climate change.  The child needs a father, a family, and a reason to defend the Church that protects the Truth.  The Truth about life, marriage, and family.  Save the Church.  Save the Truth and your freedom.  

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a hidden meaning 

A Book That Is A Mystery 

J. Massyngberde Ford may have been the first to suggest John the Baptist was the first writer of the Apocalypse. She is not the first to suggest multiple writers.  Others suggested that it was first written in Hebrew.  Most agree that there is little agreement regarding the Apocalypse.  So we continue to speculate.