a harvest of ballots 

A Drop Box 

A truck full of pallets of ballots.  Why did Facebook give hundreds of millions of dollars to Center for Tech and Civic Life for ballot drop boxes – and – Where is Jesse’s trailer? It was used to move pallets of ballots from Bethpage, NY to Lancaster, PA.  Can you say ballot harvesting?  


a big number 

A Thousand Years 

A place to start.  There is only one thousand year empire and it was a Christian one where they reigned with Christ.  The Byzantine Empire.  This is where you start.  Will it fit with the other numbers: 666, ten horns, seven heads, and five are fallen????  The “ten horns” connect Daniel and the word number.  

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a future 

A History 

A place to look.  We have a lot of history and the future may be limited.  Only the prophets know what the future holds.  The rest of us are limited to history.  What has already happened.  Tying it to prophecy based on someone’s interpretation is not reliable.  Numbers are one of the few things all the different bibles agree on.  Use them to tie history to prophecy.  

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