a lukewarm taste 

A Shame of Nakedness 

A letter to the church of the Laodiceans.  He will spue you out of His mouth if you are lukewarm.  May you be clothed so that the shame of your nakedness does not appear.  He stands at your door, and knocks: if you hear His voice, and open the door, He will come in, and will sup with you.  


a repetition 

A Recapitulation 

A reinforcement, a necessary theory in understanding the Apocalypse first introduced by Victorinus of Pettau.  It holds that the visions are not necessarily in chronological order and possibly a repetition of other visions.  Many interpretation errors are a result of assuming the chapters are in chronological order.  

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a prophetess 

A Woman Called Jezebel 

A letter to the church in Thyatira.  Fornication promoted by feminism is destroying Life, Marriage, and Family.  Homosexuality has corrupted the Church from within.  The teachings haven’t changed.  They are just being ignored by those who would change them if they could.  


a father matters

A Necessary Ingredient

A father starts the family and keeps it together. Growing up with a father in the home is the best chance a child has to be successful. A good mother know this and will do what is necessary to keep him in the home. The breakup of the family is the greatest threat to our children. St. Joseph pray for us.