a voting system 

A Modem Chip 

A connection to the internet.  Buried in the Michigan report on unregistered ballots is a story about ES&S DS200.  This Dominion voting system was used in Michigan and can be connected to the internet in case there are problems with it on election day.  Jim Crow didn’t have stuff like this.  


a fourth beast of Daniel 

A Great Sword 

A rider of the red horse with power to take peace from the earth.  He was also given the key of the bottomless pit  –  Sebeos may have been the first to see Islam as the true fourth beast of Daniel.  Others like Tom Holland “In The Shadow of The Sword” would recognize this.  There is something about the Temple that makes a beast a beast.  

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a missing father 

A Missing Mother 

A consequence of government policy.  The state will help you if there is no father.  The country will let you in if there is no mother.  You can now turn your kids over to a foreign country.  Biden will take care of them.  Why would he lie?  Jim Crow?  


a border opened 

A School Closed 

A fence unfinished.  A pipeline shutdown.  The police defunded.  More restrictions on guns and religious liberties.  No more Jim Crow laws.  Finally a president who knows what he is doing.  Did you get your check?  


a prophecy 

A Revelation 

A book of what is to come.  Only history can verify what has been prophesied.  History based on numbers.  Not on interpretation.  You can only trust numbers.  Numbers do not have to be interpreted.  Start with the big numbers like a thousand and it might lead you to the Byzantine Empire that fits with all the other numbers.  

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