A timeline


422 bc babylon the first temple 7:4
167 bc greece antiochus iv epiphanes 7:5
 27 bc rome tetrarchy 7:6
622 the king of the south, mohammed11:5
632 daugher of the south, fatimah 11:6
632 the first horn of ten,
637 jerusalem falls to the first horn, Rashidun Caliphate

661 the king of the north, muawiyah 11:7
661 the second horn, Umayyad Caliphate
691 the abomination of desolation 11:31
750 the third horn, Abbasid Caliphate
868 the fourth horn, Tulunid and Fatimid Dynasties in Egypt
973 Ifriqiya and Sicily, end of horn number 5
1193 the little horn, saladin7:8
1194 Seljuk Empire ends, horn number 6
1269 Almoravid and Almohad Dynasties in Maghreb ends, horn number 7
1299 ottoman dynasty starts
1736 Safavid dynasty ends, horn number 8
1857 Mughal Empire ends, horn number 9
1922 Ottoman Empire ends, horn number 10

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