A Clue

Now for the biggest oddity of all.
Would you believe John Chrysostom wrote the Apocalypse? Of course not since we have reliable information that it existed long before Chrysostom. So why would Nicolaus Morosow of Russia think Chrysostom wrote it? He dated it astronomically and knew that Chrysostom was the only John around at that time who could do it. The date astronomically is 395 A.D. and John Chrysostom was in Ephesus at the end of the 4th century replacing exactly seven bishops. It took him over three months. How could he avoid looking for the writings of John the Apostle?  At the time it was not clear if the Apocalypse would be included in the bible and Chrysostom was not a fan of it. About the same time Jerome was translating the bible and he was a major player. He may be the reason it is in the bible. How could that have happened? For more about that, watch this space.

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