A Reasonable Explanation

Josephine Massyngbaerde Ford was not the first one to suggest multiple authors of the Apocalypse in her book on Revelation. She was the first to suggest John the Baptist was the original author of the Apocalypse. It was not well received. Not because of the presentation on her research but because of her conclusion that John the Baptist wrote it. There are way too many books about the last book in the bible and way too many different interpretations but there is overwhelming agreement that John the Apostle wrote it. Not because the evidence proves it but because of the understanding that the only reason the Apocalypse is in the bible is due to the belief at the time that it was written by the Apostle. To question this is to question the validity of the bible. That is not allowed so Josephine Massyngbaerde Ford got a lot of grief for it. She did get some praise for the courage to present a truly original view on a book that continues to create a lot of confusion. Some seem to prefer the confusion.

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