A Key to Understanding Prophecy

I am not a prophet so I can’t interpret prophecy.  I am a historian so I can recognize what has been predicted.  How?  By taking some words literally.  A thousand year reign “with Christ”(Rev 20:4) is easily found with the Byzantine Empire.  A Christian empire, where Christ is “with them”(Mat 18:20), that lasted one thousand years.  Its capital, Constantinople, “is fallen, is fallen”(Rev 18:2) and can “be found no more at all”(Rev 18:21). The first time to the West in 1204 and the second time to Islam in 1453.  You can still find Constantinople but only with an old map preserved by historians.  That’s what they do.  We can now use history to interpret those words that can’t be taken literally.  Such as “the ten horns”(Rev 17:16) that will destroy Babylon the Great.  It was the tenth dynasty of Islam that ended the thousand year reign. There are many more pieces to this puzzle and the only real test is whether or not the pieces fit.  Look for pieces that fit.  In history.

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