A Vote 

a chance to be heard.  Do you want law and order?  Vote for it in November.  We need a wall to keep others out.  Many who are already in are protesting.  Is the wall preventing them from getting out?  Maybe there is no better place to go.  Here you get to vote.  Vote for freedom.  Religious freedom.  Freedom of speech.  Freedom to leave if you find something better.  


2 thoughts on “a riot 

  1. “Law and order…” Where have we heard that coded language before, I wonder…

    Separate the agitators from the protesters asserting their Constitutional right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. I’ve watched, I can see the difference. See how peaceful protestors were tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets so Trump could have his macabre strongman stroll to a house of worship and hold up the bible as political theater and political prop. See how the minister and helpers in that church were cleared out with tear gas first. See how a military medical helicopter was used to prop wash the crowd. See how the fascist calls out the military. See protestors beaten and dragged. See how 400 years of racial prejudice has not been rectified. See how cowardly the GOP and the cabinet are. See what you have done.


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