A Black Life 

a matter of concern.  The black lesbian marxists who started “Black Lives Matter” have no use for the traditional nuclear family or religion.  Karl Marx saw religion as the enemy.  90 million Christians had to be killed to bring about the communist revolution in Russia and China.  Religion disappeared and so did freedom.  Marxism has not.  Fathers have. 


13 thoughts on “a missing father 

  1. Hundreds of thousands marched to say Black Lives Matter not because they’re ‘marxists,’ but because Black lives matter.

    Also many, many, many lost their lives, often brutally, under Communist totalitarianism. They weren’t all Christian, though. Did you forget about the millions of non-Christians who died in China?

    Comparing BLM to Mao is useful for perpetuating fear and for distracting from the rise of fascism.


  2. Nice of you to let me comment here chrys, you don’t have to, all things considered. I miss the rolling arguments of other times, they were as fun as they were frustrating, and I learned so, so much.


  3. I drop by every so often to skim the threads, but haven’t logged in since New Year’s Eve and don’t have any desire to. Not really any reason to go back. Although I miss the arguments. 🙂


      1. 11 years here, so much happened in those years, TOL had a significant effect on my life, to be sure. It got rough, and it wasn’t a level playing field but it didn’t keep me from playing, and sometimes the challenges of being there brought about a mental clarity that was energizing. Csíkszentmihályi calls it Flow. 🙂 I can’t pronounce his name but I have his book and you can look up “Flow (psychology)” on Wiki. 🙂


      2. Well, I’ve posted here on your blog, and on another blog I noticed yesterday (don’t remember the blog name but the post was about regret) but that’s all so far. I think. Sometimes I forget where I’ve been, it all blends together. I’ve posted other places using Disqus, but that’s kind of random too. I joined a progressive forum a few years ago and while I like it for news well enough, it’s kind of boring. 🙂

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