A Progressive 

a humanist, a socialist, a liberal.  All very nice names for a marxist who has no use for religion, life, marriage, and family.  They are trained to take advantage of racial protests.  They wear masks and have backpacks containing paint, bricks, and accelerants.  They are all concerned about climate change.  Why aren’t you?  


3 thoughts on “a modernist  

  1. Do you know who Tom Nichols is? He’s a never-Trump conservative (he wrote for the Federalist) who said the GOP could survive 4 years of Hillary but not a single year of Trump. He was right; the GOP you knew, that I knew, is no more. He said yesterday on Twitter:

    “What are [conservatives, then]? They’re white people, who liked the world (or imagine they did) the way it looked when they were kids, and use the culture war as a proxy for resentment and nostalgia. The behavior of political evangelicals since 2016, especially, finally outed all that.
    You want me to worry about college Marxists? Yeah, I’ll get right on that as soon as we dislodge the febrile anti-constitutionalists of the GOP. I have plenty of concerns about the left. But right now, I’d like to deal with the obvious and demonstrated threat from the right.
    I’ve been hearing about leftists taking over the country since I was a kid. It was supposed to happen in the 60s, after the 80s, etc etc. And the culture war, such that is, was over decades ago. But I never thought I’d have to fight over the Constitution – with the *right*.”

    When I think about those words, I think of you.

    He wrote a book:


  2. Do the white republicans you know also call BLM protestors marxists with no desire to understand why they protest? To understand the racist history of this country? I was taught a sanitized history in my Christian high school and in my conservative bubble… I’d never heard of the Tulsa Massacre before this year.


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