A Catholic 

a supreme court justice wants you to pay for abortions regardless of your beliefs.  Thanks to Obama we have to deal with this feminist for years to come.  Don’t forget those who voted for democrats.  The Democratic Party has put four pro abortion justices on the court.  They believe in killing babies.  Do you?  


5 thoughts on “a feminist 

  1. Regarding the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which passed the House of Representatives in January 2017: The Republican-controlled Senate failed to take it up. Why do you think that is? Everything was in their favor for making it law in 2017, why didn’t they take it all the way? I think you know the answer.


  2. They reverted to a simple majority to confirm Trump’s SC nominees. They reverted to a majority 51 vote in an attempt to repeal Obamacare. Why didn’t they utilize a nuclear option for the no taxpayer funding for abortion bill when their opportunity was golden?


      1. Because pretending to fight abortion is how Republicans turn out the religious right vote. It’s a battle that’s never won, because to win it would be counterproductive to the GOP money machine. You have some truly pro-life individuals in Congress, but in the establishment machine? Not so much. Here’s the thing: if 70% of women getting abortions identify as Christian, they know very well they’d be alienating as many of their constituents who aren’t on the far right, enough of them to swing an election, local and national. The Republicans aren’t the baby savers, much as you want to see them that way, as binary to the ‘baby killers.’ Who do you reach? Barbarian was right. Individual hearts and minds. That starts with Christians who don’t shame and shun their young women who find themselves pregnant and alone.


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