A Black Baby 

a life that doesn’t matter.  Planned Parenthood is killing black babies.  Don’t they matter?  Where is the protest?  The same people who support Planned Parenthood are the same people who support climate change and Black Lives Matter.  They can’t get anything right.  They are too busy protecting the protesters.  How can you trust them?  


3 thoughts on “a planned parenthood 

  1. Where are the Christians protesting against the Christians who get abortions? Why aren’t they outside the churches asking them why the majority of abortions are obtained by Christians? I walked and prayed in many an abortion walk over the years, I can tell you that no one in any gathering I intended narrowed the idea of abortion down to race. That seems to be a fixation by some who don’t seem to care about the burdens of people of color once that child of color is born. Once it’s born, they distrust that child, hate that child, burden that child with the color of their skin or the shape of their eyes for their entire lives, not wanting that child in their neighborhood, in their schools, or using their tax money.


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