a key to understanding 

A Beast of Daniel 

A connection with the Apocalypse.  John knows Daniel.  Both have a beast with “ten horns” which should fit with history in the same way.  This requires a close look at the King of the North and the King of the South.  The fourth beast of Daniel was diverse from all the beasts and must show up somewhere in history.  

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a revelation 

A Truth For The End Times 

A hijack of the Apocalypse has led to confusion about what to expect in the final days.  Like the “reign of Christ” which cannot be found in the bible.  We should be looking for a period in history when “they reigned with Christ”.  Just look for a Christian empire  that lasted a thousand years.  There is only one.  


a fear merchant 

A Chicken Little 

A threat imagined with a little help from our friends.  Who needs enemies?  Russia, China, and radical Islam are being replaced by climate change, racism, and covid.  Protecting the lie is now more important than protecting the child.  Speaking the truth is now the biggest threat.  The lie can’t handle the truth.  Can you?  


a worldpress 

A Typo Intended 

A way to reach all nations.  You got something to say?  This is where you say it.  Looking for the truth?  You may find it at WordPress.  You will find independent thinkers doing their own research and reporting what they found.  Your source for truth is being controlled and may be controlling you.  And that’s the truth.