I treat them differently

A big difference

not just because I was raised that way – but – because they are different – they are made that way – and – I love the difference – amen



my jerusalem visit 4

A trip

here I am at an outside cafe just after eating an arab sandwich. A tourist is taking my picture and she acknowledges the fact with a smile. It is the look. Classic monk come early saint. Had not shaved for over a month and was way overdo for a haircut. My receding hairline, full beard, and the jerusalem cross that I was wearing was definitely the look. The israeli at the airport must have considered me another crazy christian when he saw the cross I was wearing. He was in my face, eye to eye, wanting to know the purpose of my visit.  My mother bought the cross over 35 years ago for my aunt who gave it to me saying, “I know your mother would want you to have it.” One shopkeeper noticed it and said because of the silver and it being hand made, it was worth $200 but he could sell it for more. The jerusalem cross dates back to 1099 when the first crusade took back control of jerusalem from the muslims who had been in control since 638.


A movie

– it ain’t pretty – thanks to hollywood – most of us know a little about it -so- why am I reminded of it – we all sense the evil -but- don’t agree on who is to blame -or- who really needs the exorcism – hopefully it will be successful