a generation of vipers 

A College of Cardinals 

A corruption of world leaders.  If we can’t trust our cardinals,  who can we trust?  The laity that has not been corrupted.  Not those who just pray in silence but those who speak out to protect the teachings of the Church.  Life, Marriage, and Family.  This sacred trinity is being destroyed by those who remain silent.  We will be held accountable.  


a reset

A First Coming 

A Lamb of God.  A sacrificial Lamb.  A necessary redemption that we might be saved.  They slew all the children that were in Bethlehem.  Today we kill them before they are born.  The bishops are silent.  They do talk about climate change.  Life, marriage, and family are now being sacrificed for the New World Order.  The Reset.  

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a baker’s cake 

A Bishop’s Bread of Life 

A cake for a same sex marriage.  A blessing for a same sex marriage.  An issue for the courts and the Church.  A baker can’t approve but a bishop can.  A baker unknowingly sells bread to a baby killer.  The bishop knowingly gives the Bread of Life to a baby killer.  


a rigidity

A Resistance to Change 

A tradition protected.  Standards work.  A proven way of doing things.  The Church built on a rock is not going to move.  The teachings of the Church are not being changed.  They are being ignored by those within the Church.  Life, Marriage, and Family must be protected.  The child must be protected.  Let them come.  


a fake religion

A False Charity 

A proof that you care.  Who wants to be accused of killing babies?  Talk about climate change and racism.  That will prove you really care.  You can control the conversation.  Truth is all you have to worry about.  The truth must be cancelled.  The lie can’t handle it.