a crying voice 

A First Coming 

A kingdom at hand.  The time was near.  John the Baptist knew the Lamb, a word used 27 times in the Apocalypse.  He wrote the first one.  Later John the apostle added Jesus and the seven churches.  He knew about the followers of John the Baptist in Ephesus.  There must be a third John.  

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a speculation 

A Conjecture 

A reasonable explanation to address what is not settled.  Who wrote it?  When was it written? Why was the Apocalypse written?  The Apocalypse has “a decidedly Jewish complexion” and it was suggested that John the Baptist was the first writer.  Others have suggested multiple writers.  

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a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A color of a polluted sea.  Can you say climate change?  Oh no Mr. Bill.  A fate worse than death ushering in a New World Order with no need for religion.  We now have science that tells us there are way too many people so abortion is just one of many solutions.  Marx was right.  Religion protecting life, marriage, and family is the biggest problem.  

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a reason to believe 

A Home for Doubt 

A necessary explanation for what we experience.  We have to make sense of it.  To ignore it is to deny reality.  To deny objectivity.  Call it speculation, conjecture, or whatever but please accept the fact that there must be a reason, a purpose, a meaning, etc.  

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