a head, a horn 

A Dynasty 

A commentary by Newton who saw the connection between the Apocalypse and Daniel.  He also believed the “ten horns”  they had in common referred to dynasties.  Same for the “seven heads” so the historian should be looking for beasts with seven or ten dynasties.  Only historians can count them.   

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a number calculated 

A Year In History  

A historian named John Julius Norwich gets 666 in his book “Byzantium” with a calculation.  “The ensuing strife continued until 661, when Ali’s own assassination left Muawiya supreme.  For the next five years the Muslim world would be in ferment – and Byzantium could breath again.”  


a color 

A Number 

A bible translation to be trusted.  There are 60 English bible translations with many revisions and many differences but somehow they all get the numbers and colors right.  It may be the only way to reliably connect prophecy and history.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  


a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A power to kill.  A Pale of Settlement that looks like Ukraine.  A Sea of Azov that looks like a pale sea.  A fourth of the world.  Another number nearly all the bible translations got right.  Just like the colors.  Numbers and colors can be trusted to connect prophecy and history.