a daylily 

A China Connection 

A query redirected by a Huawei device.  Is this a gain of function?  The Shanghai daylilies are now blooming just like the common ones you can get from your local nursery and not like the double ditch ones that were ordered from Amazon on a Huawei device and delivered over a month later.  Made in China.  


a day to remember 

A Life Given For Our Liberty 

A defense of our freedom.  Many lives have been lost defending our way of life.  Liberty is not free.  We must fight to protect our liberty.  For whatever reason there are those doing what they can to restrict our freedom.  We must be willing to do whatever is necessary to protect it.  So many have given up their life so we might be free.  We remember them today.  


a positive 

A Lighthouse 

A light shining in the darkness so ships don’t crash on the rocks.  The Church has been that light but today it is not shining so bright so the laity must do what they can to help preserve the Truth.  The teachings of the Church are trustworthy but too often they are being ignored to make others comfortable.  It is time for the laity to proclaim the good news to all nations.  


a lit candle 

A Truth Shineth 

A darkness cancelled.  None of the wicked shall understand.  The wise shall.  You can cancel the darkness surrounding you simply by lighting your candle.  It will be noticed.  Maybe not understood.  Not your problem.  Seek the truth and it shall be found.  It can’t be cancelled.  Go ahead and light your candle and let it shine.  


a love warrior 

A Best Seller 

A documentation on how feminism has destroyed the lives of so many women.  This is the kind of life you must live to get the necessary material for a best seller.  – “Love Warrior” –    Men will never understand but reading it might help.  Spoiler.  You don’t have to finish it.  Hopefully you don’t have to read it.