a road trip 

A Thanksgiving Adventure 

A long way to go for turkey but not for the family.  May you all have a great Thanksgiving.  My favorite holiday.  The programmed reruns will continue.  


a veteran 

A Defense Of Our Country 

A necessary ingredient.  If you are reading, thank a teacher.  If you are reading in English, thank a soldier.  There will always be threats to our freedom.  Communism and Islam will continue with their attempts to dominate the world.  Thank God for those who defend Liberty.  


a thankyou 

A Show of Appreciation 

A view.  A like.  A comment.  Make my day.  A worldpress.  We are reaching people all around the world with our message.  Finding out what we have in common.  Searching for the truth.  Truth will prevail.  It is easily recognized and easy to defend.  It makes sense.  It makes you happy.  Keep looking for it.  


a single word prayer 

A Thankyou 

A gratitude for life.  An appreciation of a chance to be.  To experience life with some control over it.  To learn.  To make a difference.  To be a part of the whole.  To be or not to be is not an issue.  Don’t bury your talent.  Be not afraid.  Use your talent and it will increase.  Your reward will be great.  


a time out

A Break In The Action 

A chance to reconnect with the family.  Three generations together in a large cabin.  We can all still get along.  Not counting the dog and cat.  The cabin came with a cat.  The kids loved it.  The dog not so much.  The best part?  Didn’t watch the news.  Didn’t talk politics.  Didn’t wear a mask.  


a winner

A Celebration 

A loser.  There will always be losers.  Don’t waste your time wondering why they lost.  We want to know why the winner won.  Celebrate the winners.  They will lead the way.  They will teach others how to win.  They will teach us what works and that matters.  


a first place finisher

A Second Place Finisher 

A third place finisher was also on the stage.  The first and second place finishers stood at attention with their hand over their heart while the national anthem played.  I don’t remember what the third place finisher did.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter?  


a subjective truth 

A Lie in the Making 

A victim’s best friend.  You have to blame someone or something.  You can’t appreciate what you are or what you have.  You can’t do anything about it.  You can always complain.  The system is against you and it must be destroyed.  An objective truth can make you free.