a fourth beast

A Different Beast 

A common beast with Daniel and John.  The “ten horns” ties them together.  Sebeos may have been the first to recognize Islam as the fourth beast of Daniel.  Much later the ten dynasties of Islam would be identified by Islamic historians. The Ottoman Empire, the tenth dynasty of Islam ended a thousand year Christian empire.  The Byzantine Empire.  –   

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a prince 

A Translation Not Inspired 

A problem with interpretation.  50 different English translations all agree on “one of his” but the next word could be princes, commanders, officers, officials, generals, leaders, principalities, or subordinates.  A prince is a family member but the rest are not.  A problem if you are looking for the king of the north.  You have to love BibleGateway.  It is inspired.  


a holy place

A Desolation 

A beast in the making.  What makes a beast a beast?  The Temple.  Don’t mess with the Temple.  What is in the holy place now?  The Dome of the Rock and it is preventing the third Temple.  It takes a real beast to do this.  The four beasts of Daniel all had something to do with the Temple.  Babylon, Greece, Rome, and Islam.