a simple question 

A Beast in the Making 

A beast in the mind of Daniel is different from all the rest.  So what makes a beast a beast?  Most agree on Antiochus of Greece.  All he did was desecrate the second temple.  Rome destroyed it.  Babylon destroyed the first one.  So what is preventing the third one?  It should tell us about the fourth beast of Daniel.  


a missing book

A Source For Antiochus 

A book not found in many bibles.  Jesus mentions the abomination found in Daniel.  You will not find Antiochus if your bible does not have the book Maccabees which also mentions the abomination that must be understood to identify what makes a beast a beast in the mind of Daniel.  


a red horse 

A Red Sea 

A great sword to take peace from the earth.  The rider is Mohammed the father of Islam that is the fourth beast of Daniel and the second beast of the Apocalypse.  It took them 44 years to get to Constantinople where they were stopped.  It took them 110 years to get to Tours, France where they were stopped.  The history of Islam is all the evidence you need to show that Islam is not a religion of peace.  

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