a fear of death 

A Test Of Faith 

A reason to believe.  Liberty or death.  That is the question.  Life without liberty is not a good deal but comfort is all important except for those who believe there is something better waiting for them.  We are being tested.  The opium of the masses is promising but many have found an idol and will give up their freedom for it.  


a more perfect union 

A Protection Of The Child 

A posterity.  The Blessings of Liberty.  Stop scaring the kids.  Don’t make them wear a mask.  Don’t force them to get the vaccine.  The sooner they get covid the better off they will be.  Natural immunity.  There are exceptions.  Weigh the risks.  That is the parent’s job.  Not Joe’s job.  


a managed information 

A Controlled Communication 

A manipulation of the masses with fear.  A mandate for those who don’t comply.  It works in communist countries.  Fear and restricting speech also work in Islamic countries.  Lucky for us it does not work here.  Right?  It does not work here.  We will fight for liberty.  Right?  


a fear of covid 

A Faith For The Masses 

A mandate for those with courage.  The opposite of fear is faith.  Both are powerful motivators.  This is why Marx had a problem with religion.  This is why fear and restriction of speech are being used to manipulate the masses.  Be not afraid.  Believe and speak the truth.  


a freedom matters 

A Truth Matters 

A constitution to protect it.  A court to rule on it.  A judge that can be trusted.  A vote by we the people to maintain the delicate balance between tradition and progressivism.  Your vote matters.  A secure election matters.  Life matters.  Protect it.  


a time out 

A Break From Politics 

A chance to forget build back better.  Time for football.  College football’s biggest day.  The best are playing the best today.  The playoffs start today.  This is good news.  We will be watching a team sport where everyone has to work together to win.  


a thought control 

A Common Agenda 

A morning memo tells you what to say about climate change, covid, and racism.  These are the issues and there is only one acceptable position.  There is no room for contrary views even though they might lead us to the truth.  What is truth?  It must be controlled.  


a verdict 

A Decision To Riot 

A disordered sense of justice.  A fake media stirring a pot of hatred that is ready to boil over.  Playing the race card.  Somehow this must be affecting climate change.  They are all lies in the name of social justice.  Law and order is being replaced by mob rule.