a fear 

A Means of Controlling the Masses 

A conspiracy.  Be not afraid.  Religion is now the enemy.  It gives life a purpose.  Fear only God.  Social justice is being used to replace religion.  It divides us.  It is not the Way, the Truth, or the Life.  The state is replacing the family.  Life and marriage are being replaced by climate change and racism.  The child is now a threat to the planet.  


a border opened 

A Vatican Wall 

A plea from Francis to to accept everyone with opened arms but you must be vaccinated to get in the Vatican.  Healthcare workers must also be vaccinated in order to treat unvaccinated immigrants.  Those who cared for covid patients without proper protection for over 18 months will have to find another profession if they don’t get vaccinated.  


a want comes first 

A Hope for the Truth 

A necessary ingredient.  If you don’t want it, you won’t find it.  Seek and you will find.  It is all on the internet along with the lies.  How do you tell the difference?  You will find what you want.  Why would you want the truth?  It will not only set you free, it will make you happy.  Don’t fear the truth.  Hope for the truth.  


a fear of the truth 

A Comfort in the Lie 

A victim’s lament.  There is nothing you can do about it.  There there.  Someone will take care of you.  A mandate relieves you of a choice you don’t want to make.  It also controls others so you don’t have to control yourself.  Do you really want freedom?  Maybe not.  You can pretend you are not responsible.  


a covid secret 

A Vitamin D 

A key factor along with obesity.  Two things you can do something about.  Vitamin D is the most significant factor in determining your vulnerability to Covid.  Obesity diminishes the effectiveness of Vitamin D.  You should know about this.  Don’t you wonder why this is not being considered as it should be?  


a three way struggle 

A White Horse For Freedom 

A Red Horse for one religion.  A Black Horse with no religion.  A Pale Horse with death and destruction for all.  Refugees everywhere and all you can do is pray.  Christians, Muslims, and Communists can’t agree on freedom.  All have to deal with death and the consequences of decisions made.  So what are you doing about climate change?  Praying?  


a humanitarian problem 

A Consequence of Decisions Made 

A problem created.  A common sense solution.  If it hurts when you do that, stop doing it.  Stop creating problems.  Is this the solution to climate change?  Is this the cure for Covid?  If the cures are hurting us, maybe we should try living with the perceived  problems.  


a bread line 

A Distribution Problem 

A capitalist solution is to increase profits by making more bread.  A marxist solution is to increase power by controlling who gets what.  A baker’s solution is a gun to protect his bread.    A christian solution is to pray and share.  Good luck with that.  


a protection for atheists 

A Christian Community 

A place where atheists can be free.  You won’t find freedom in a Communist or Islamic state.  Muslims move to Christian countries to find it.  Only Christians protect freedom.  The others know what is best for you and will force it upon you.  Sometimes a crusade is necessary.