a number of questions 

A Reason for Prophecy 

A search for understanding.  Why, Where, Who, When, and What?????  The answers should make sense.  All the questions must be considered.  For the most part we are limited to speculation which should be consistent with what we do know.  The first question is Why.  Why was the Apocalypse written?  

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a fit with history 

A Number 

A connection with prophecy.  Different interpretations have led to over 60 different English bible translations.  They all seem to agree on numbers.  They all agree on a thousand years, 666, ten horns, seven heads, and five are fallen.  Numbers can be used to connect history with prophecy which is the only way to verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  

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a number 

A Year 

A date, a beginning, a start, a mark.  Nearly every product sold today has a date marking its beginning.  The word “number” in Daniel refers to years.  Historians are good at ignoring what may have happened in the year 666 but we do know Islam was getting ready to attack Constantinople about that time.  

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a red horse 

A Red Sea 

A great sword and power to take peace from the earth.  Mohammed is the rider, the Antichrist and the father of Islam which is the fourth beast of Daniel and the second beast of the Apocalypse.  The other threat to Christianity is Marxism.  Marx, the rider of black horse, is the father of Communism from the Black Sea.  

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