a truth crisis 

A Church That Must Prevail 

A contamination by the State.  Money.  The bishops get way too much money from the State.  Racism and climate change promoted by the marxists to divide the country are now being mentioned by our bishops when they should be talking about Life, Marriage, and Family.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Only the laity can keep them honest.  


a will 

A Test 

A purpose for what we are experiencing.  What will we do with our will?  It must be free but not without consequences.  Suffering is a necessary ingredient.  How will you react to it?  You will need help and you will get it if you ask for it.  Can you believe that?  You have to believe.  

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a truth 

A Thing That Doesn’t Change 

A Church built on a rock.  The people change.  The teachings can’t.  Life.  Marriage.  Family.  The gates of hell shall not prevail.  Will the laity?  We can’t rely on the bishops.  A new sheriff is in town and he is not a cleric.  Pray for us Michael.  Give us the courage to speak out.  Stand firm.  Resist change.  


a generation of vipers 

A College of Cardinals 

A corruption of world leaders.  If we can’t trust our cardinals,  who can we trust?  The laity that has not been corrupted.  Not those who just pray in silence but those who speak out to protect the teachings of the Church.  Life, Marriage, and Family.  This sacred trinity is being destroyed by those who remain silent.  We will be held accountable.  


a protection for atheists 

A Christian Community 

A place where atheists can be free.  You won’t find freedom in a Communist or Islamic state.  Muslims move to Christian countries to find it.  Only Christians protect freedom.  The others know what is best for you and will force it upon you.  Sometimes a crusade is necessary.  


a tribulation

A Persecution of the Church 

A time of great suffering.  A time to listen to what the spirit is saying to the churches.  If you overcometh, you will not be hurt by the second death.  The death of the soul.  You need not worry about what can kill the body.  This is a test and suffering is a big part of it.  And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.  

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a threat from within

Marxist Invasion 

A false religion.  A class action struggle.  Life, Marriage, and Family are being replaced with Abortion, Climate Change, and Social Justice.  The new religion.  The new world order.  Even our bishops are teaching it.  The teachings of the Church are being ignored.