a rape in the bathroom 

A Transgender With A Dress In School 

A denial by the superintendent.  The father of the rape victim is now considered a domestic terrorist.  Thank you Garland.  We are so happy you are not on the court.  The transgender rapist was allowed in another school to rape again.  The superintendent has yet to resign but regrets what happened.  


a writer 

A John 

A canon that only considers apostles.  So why did they think John wasn’t the apostle?  The apostle wouldn’t use his name five times.  He wouldn’t say lamb more times then Jesus.  The Baptist would since he didn’t know Jesus was the Lamb.  The apostle knew who “bare record”  and Jesus.  

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a learning experience 

A School For Children 

A curriculum that can’t be controlled by parents.  The marxists are in control.  Racism and climate change are at the top of their agenda.  Not reading, writing, and arithmetic.  The good news is they know how to distribute the goods.  Just get in line.  The cost?  Your freedom.  To each according to their needs.  And that’s the truth.  


a truth crisis 

A Church That Must Prevail 

A contamination by the State.  Money.  The bishops get way too much money from the State.  Racism and climate change promoted by the marxists to divide the country are now being mentioned by our bishops when they should be talking about Life, Marriage, and Family.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Only the laity can keep them honest.  


a fake news icon 

A Bad News Biden 

A truth that is hard to ignore.  You can ignore the news but you can’t ignore groceries or the gas pump.  It is real.  Someone is going to pay.  You.  Even though the cost is zero.  The solution is to spend more money.  Your money.  Pass the bill.  Whatever you need is in that bill.  You have to trust them.  Bad News Biden.  


a will 

A Test 

A purpose for what we are experiencing.  What will we do with our will?  It must be free but not without consequences.  Suffering is a necessary ingredient.  How will you react to it?  You will need help and you will get it if you ask for it.  Can you believe that?  You have to believe.  

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a reason to believe 

A Home for Doubt 

A necessary explanation for what we experience.  We have to make sense of it.  To ignore it is to deny reality.  To deny objectivity.  Call it speculation, conjecture, or whatever but please accept the fact that there must be a reason, a purpose, a meaning, etc.  

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