the next judge 

A big difference

– especially if ginsburg is replaced – it will be a big fight – the feminists who control the democratic party will fight like never before – it is all about abortion –


A known fact

– there are four judges on the supreme court who will not consider any restrictions on abortion – there are five who will – you know who put them there – how can you ignore this – what could be more important

you’re fired

A good start

– it is time to fire someone – most of our problems are caused by those who can’t be fired – the world isn’t here to serve you – get to work – try to get along – it is part of the test

affordable affordable affordable

A crime in progress

 – your tax dollars at work – no problem – just borrow more from your grandchildren – hope you are enjoying your retirement – please thank your grandchildren and if you don’t have any, thank somebody’s grandchildren


A comment

about my love for sailing since an earlier post will not allow a comment without logging in or signing up – recently I was on a small lake where only electric motors were allowed – it was so peaceful – I hear there are lakes where only sailboats are allowed – make my day