an illusion of a non-dual nature

A Matter of Fact

Matter requires space to move. You can’t imagine an end to space nor can you imagine it going on forever. It is incomprehensible. That makes matter incomprehensible because it needs space. It must be an illusion. Nondualism like monism is a very simple idea. There is only one substance. It is found in Hinduism with the Advaita Vedanta. Later it is found with Spinoza. The argument is also very simple. If this fork is not part of God, then God is limited and that is a contradiction in terms.
Descartes is one of the more famous philosophers just because he came up with “I think therefore I am”. Don’t you wish you had been the first one to say that? He was a dualist and his girlfriend once ask him how the soul communicated with the body. “Never mind how it does, it just does” was his answer. She should have dumped him. Spinoza on the other hand was dumped by his family, his Jewish community, and the village where he lived for challenging their dualistic views. He was 23 years old. He is the one who should be remembered even though he didn’t say, “I think therefore I am”. You could argue that Spinoza actually existed.

when will it end

A Question and an Answer

Jesus answered this one. The end will come when the Gospel reaches everyone. The internet makes this possible. What about those who lived before the internet? What about that generation? This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Another Jesus quote that is difficult to explain. But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. How can these things be fulfilled without reincarnation?

how long will it be

A Question and an Answer

In Revelation 6:10-11 they ask how much longer must they wait for justice and are told they must wait until the numbers are sufficient. So the real question is how many. In Revelation 20:5 there is a reference to those who did not live again until the end of the thousand years. This passage was actually left out of the Syriac version of the Apocalypse. It suggests reincarnation which is not acceptable to the Church. Combine all this with the suggestion that more people are alive today than have ever died which is not accepted by the scientific community. Still this raises the possibility that all could be present at the second coming. The current population is seven billion which is a very nice number. This is pure speculation. I don’t do predictions.


A Trend

We see a lot of comparisons in the news. Comparisons to Hitler, the Holocaust, and Watergate. Most are not fair but some are necessary for understanding. What is necessary is a comparison between history and prophecy. Not your opinion of what has been prophesied but a literal interpretation of it. Many are trying to rewrite history but will not succeed due the number of historians who are actually doing their job. You don’t have to rely on one source. You don’t have to rely on any given interpretation. You don’t have to rely on what is presented as evidence. But you cannot ignore the preponderance of evidence. It takes a lot of it to be convincing.

babylon the great

A Connection

It has all the pieces

It lasted a thousand years
It had seven hills
It had trade
It had many waters
It was started by the rider of the white horse
It was replaced by the rider of the black horse
In the beginning there were five of seven dynasties that had fallen
In the end it was destroyed by the 10th dynasty
The pieces all fit and they fit with Constantinople alone. No other city can make them fit. The dots are all connected. They are connected here.


A Necessary Ingredient

We have an advantage. We have history. We don’t have to predict the future. We don’t have to guess at what the prophecy means. We need only look to history to see if it can help us interpret what has been prophesied 2000 years ago. To ignore history is not reasonable. This takes wisdom.

missing pieces

A Puzzle

You need a lot of pieces to get the picture and the pieces must fit. There is only one place to look for the missing pieces. History. Only history can confirm the fulfillment of a prophecy. The future as well as your interpretation of prophecy can be anything you want it to be. Not so much with history and a literal interpretation. The pieces have to fit. Not just a few but enough to paint a reasonable picture. The big picture. This takes wisdom.