a weird story 

A missing investigation 

A silent U.S. Post Office.  They can track your package but they can’t tell us where their trailer 10R1440 is.  The FBI is also silent about the trailer but not about the truck driver.  Here is where “everything got weird”.  They have no answer other than it  “just couldn’t happen” or even if it did, “it wouldn’t be enough to overturn the election”.  


a detail 

A Devil in the Detail 

A story with credible detail.  Jesse was at the Harrisburg Post Office 6 hours where they wouldn’t unload his trailer.  Without any explanation they wouldn’t give him a ticket to prove he was there.  They wouldn’t give him a late slip so he could be paid.  They just told him to take the trailer 10R1440 to Lancaster, PA. where it disappeared.  It was weird.  


a new face 

A New Way to Vote 

A perfect storm.  Tiana Epps-Johnson is an Obama Foundation Fellow who heads the CTCL that got 400 million dollars from Zuckerberg to make it easier for you to vote.  We cannot let dates, signatures, and identification limit the ability of others to vote.  Enter the drop box, a place to store the millions of additional votes from those who find it difficult to vote.  A Post Office trailer like 10R1440 holds a lot more ballots than a drop box.  


a post office trailer 

A Pallet of Ballots 

A suspicious missing trailer.  An easy investigation but the U.S. Post Office did not have to explain what happened to their trailer 10R1440.  The FBI did investigate Jesse’s family and all that was reported.  Some of us would like to know what happened to Jesse’s trailer but that would be a threat to our democracy.  Don’t question the results of the election.  It is time to unify and go after Trump supporters.