a sea of glass 

A Mark  

A bible passage fulfilled.  A sea of glass mingled with fire.  They used Greek fire on the Sea of Marmara, which was like a sheet of glass, and the year was 666.  Historians stay away from the year 666 but there is no doubt as to what was going on at that time.  Islam was attacking Constantinople.  

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a date 

A Historian 

A problem with dates.  Gibbon gets real close.  Go ahead, pick an Islamic calendar converter and put 46 in it. You get 666. 46 is the number Gibbon used. 46 years after the Hijri year Constantinople was attacked. A date is a mark. Gibbon notes the problems with dates.  

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a number 

A Year 

A date, a beginning, a start, a mark.  Nearly every product sold today has a date marking its beginning.  The word “number” in Daniel refers to years.  Historians are good at ignoring what may have happened in the year 666 but we do know Islam was getting ready to attack Constantinople about that time.  

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