a mark

A Date 

A number.  666  Historians ignore that year but it is very clear Islam was getting ready to attack Constantinople.  Gibbon notes the problem with dates and his 46 years reference puts it as close as 668.  Putting 46 in an Islamic calendar converter results in 666.  That is a calculation and not a count.  

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a mark

A Number 

A year, a starting point, a date.  Nearly all products have a mark or a date marking the beginning of its existence.  A beast will also have a starting point and in most cases an end point.  There could be an exception.  One was diverse from all the beasts that were before it.  How do we identify a beast?  

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a fit with history 

A Number 

A connection with prophecy.  Different interpretations have led to over 60 different English bible translations.  They all seem to agree on numbers.  They all agree on a thousand years, 666, ten horns, seven heads, and five are fallen.  Numbers can be used to connect history with prophecy which is the only way to verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  

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a historical event 

A Prophecy Fulfilled 

A number to verify a fit.  Your interpretation cannot be trusted.  Only history can verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  Only numbers along with history can verify your interpretation of prophecy.  Only prophets can predict the future.  If you need the future for your interpretation of prophecy, think again.  You are ignoring history and numbers.  

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a number 

A Color 

A guide to interpretation.  You can trust numbers and maybe colors to be reliably translated.  Not so much with the other words.  The “words of God” are seen differently by the many different translators.  Who can you trust?  Historians.  What can you trust?  Maybe numbers.  Historians have trouble with dates but they do get close enough.  

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a history 

A Number 

A prophecy connected to history with a number.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy and only numbers can be trusted to connect them.  Your interpretation cannot be trusted.  We all have agendas and your interpretation will reflect  them.  Nearly all 60 English bible translations somehow agree on numbers.  Use them.  

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