a number of years 

A Number in Daniel 

A key to understanding the Apocalypse.  John knows Daniel and Daniel knows the number of years.  The numbers John uses have been preserved in nearly all of the bible translations.  They can be trusted in identifying historical events that might be a fulfillment of prophecy.  Not just one number but all the numbers must fit. 

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a year 

A Julian Calendar 

A beginning in 44 BC.  622 in the Gregorian calendar, which began in 1582, was the beginning of the Islamic calendar.  666 in the Julian calendar marked the start of Islam.  A number in Daniel 9:2 refers to the number of years.  That is what Daniel understood by books.  

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A Calculation 

A significant difference.  Fifteen English bibles count the number 666.  Twenty eight calculate it.  Too bad they don’t agree.  It forces us to choose who got it right.  How do you count a number?  Calculating a number makes more sense especially if you are dealing with a date and different calendars.  Our best clue is Daniel referring to number of years.  We have to consider whether or not the year 666 fits with the other numbers.