a great divide 

A Red State With Blue Cities 

dead heat.  It is all red except for a few blue counties that are completely controlled by the Democrats.  They control the ballots.  They still have votes to count.  Where do they find all the ballots that haven’t been counted?  Why are they still counting?  Ballot harvesting.  How can we be sure it is secure?  


a ballot reserve 

A Harvest Of Ballots 

A number of ballots available if required.  They still have votes to count.  They have the ballots.  They will be used if necessary.  The population centers are in control.  They can produce the ballots.  How many do you need?  This will be determined in the middle of the night.  While you sleep.  Wake up.  


a time to count 

A Bulk Of Harvested Ballots 

A delayed result.  A challenge.  They will need more time to count all the votes.  We have seen this movie.  We are looking at the future of all elections.  Way too many ballots to count.  Ballots that show up in the middle of the night.  Unsecured ballots that must be counted again and again.  


a misleading poll 

A Ballot Harvesting Factor 

A prophecy in Virginia that does not require a prophet.  An easy win for McAuliffe in Virginia in spite of polls.  It is all about ballot harvesting which polls can’t read.  Republicans cannot ignore ballot harvesting which will also be a huge factor in the coming congressional elections.  Deal with it.  It is real.  Watch for Zuck bucks.  Facebook run amok.  


a free election 

A Convenient Vote By Mail 

A chance for others to vote for you.  You are told that you already voted.  No problem.  You are given a provisional ballot that may be counted if the election is close.  Then it will offset the vote someone made for you.  Not a good thing.  You don’t want to hear this.  They don’t want you to hear this.  


a baseball game

A Jim Crow Voting Law 

A Delta flight from Atlanta to Denver.  Coke anyone?  Can you say Voter ID or Ballot Harvesting?  Delta, MLB, and Coke can’t.  They can say Jim Crow along with Biden and Stacey Abrams.  So go ahead, drink Coke, fly Delta, and watch the all star game.  Jim Crow.  


a social dilemma 

A manipulation 

A realization that you can control people if you can control information.  Why not an election?  All you need is money and the ability to control ballots.  Call it harvesting.  If allowed some will cheat to control the outcome of an election.  Can you say Zuckerberg?  Can you say CTCL?  Can you say 400 million dollars?  Say it.