a missing temple 

A Desolation 

A reason why the third temple has not been built.  The Dome of the Rock is preventing it.  Jesus mentions the holy place, Daniel, and the abomination of desolation.  This is a clue that must not be ignored.  What is more important than the temple?  Interfering with the temple makes the beast a beast worth mentioning.  


a common beast 

A Beast with Ten Horns 

A connection to Daniel.  John knows Daniel who knows beasts.  The “ten horns” ties the second beast of the Apocalypse to the fourth beast of Daniel.  They are kings or dynasties which are easier to count especially if you let them do the counting.  The ten dynasties of Islam according to Islam.  

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a beast 

A Him Or An It 

A translation problem.  Can you find the beast if you are looking for a “him” instead of an “it”? In Revelation 13:1; 20 have “his horns”, 20 have “its horns”, 15 have “It had ten horns” .  We need Daniel 7:7 to clear this up.  “it had ten horns” is a clear winner.  You need to look for an “it” and not a “him” to find the beast.  It makes a difference.  

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