a commentary 

A City of God 

A new bible translated by Jerome precedes Augustine’s commentary on the Apocalypse in The City of God.  Prior to the Vulgate many believed the Apocalypse did not belong in the bible.  This was settled once and for all by Jerome who had the authority to define the bible.  

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a freedom 

A Right to Speak 

A duty that must be defended.  The marxists are smarter than you and need to take your bible away which they will do right after they take your gun.  Cling to your bible and gun.  Free Speech protected by the First Amendment includes Religion necessarily.  Defend it with a Gun.  


a managed truth 

A Truth You Can Handle 

A shepherd for dumb sheep.  They are smarter than you but don’t worry they care and know what is best for you.  They will protect you from what you don’t understand and tell you what you need to do.  The last thing you need to do is cling to your bible and gun.  


a history

A Fulfillment of Prophecy 

A connection with numbers and colors without translation errors and misinterpretation.  We have 60 different English translations of the bible but somehow they agree on numbers and colors.  We have thousands of denominations due to misinterpretation.  Historians have higher standards when it comes to objective truth.    


a prince 

A Translation Not Inspired 

A problem with interpretation.  50 different English translations all agree on “one of his” but the next word could be princes, commanders, officers, officials, generals, leaders, principalities, or subordinates.  A prince is a family member but the rest are not.  A problem if you are looking for the king of the north.  You have to love BibleGateway.  It is inspired.  


a him or an it

A Translation Problem 

A beast is an it according to Daniel and Daniel knows beasts.  Some of the translators didn’t get it right.  Somehow its horns became his horns.  Somehow they all agreed “it had ten horns”.  This is not a small matter.  A person cannot have ten horns.  Only a beast.  Some translators were not inspired.  You have to love BibleGateway.  


a bible defined

A Man Named Jerome 

A new translation.  The Vulgate would become the official bible of the Church and it would include the Apocalypse.  At the beginning of the fifth century Jerome was finishing his bible and John Chrysostom was in Ephesus replacing seven bishops.  Augustine didn’t want another bible.  He had words with Jerome.  An interesting time.