a first place finisher

A Second Place Finisher 

A third place finisher was also on the stage.  The first and second place finishers stood at attention with their hand over their heart while the national anthem played.  I don’t remember what the third place finisher did.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter?  


a masked man 

A Masking of the Truth 

A cover for the BIG LIE.  Racism.  Climate Change.  Black Lives Matter.  Brought to you by the FEAR peddlers.  Faith is the opposite of fear.  Faith in God.  Faith in religion that protects Life, Marriage, and Family.  That is what protects the child.  The fear peddlers hate everything.  Especially the Truth.  Fear only God.  


a matter of fact 

A Matter of Life 

A matter of Marriage.  A matter of Family.  It all matters when it comes to protecting the child.  The real threat to the child is not climate change.  It is growing up without the father.  Fathers matter more than anything else.  Where is the Church and the State when it comes to protecting the child?  St. Joseph pray for us. 


a father 

A Necessary Ingredient 

A saint is optional.  Joseph was there to show us a father is not optional.  It takes a father to start a family and it takes a father to keep it together.  A father matters.  A child does better with a father around.  The teachings of the Church protect Life, Marriage, and Family.  The laity must now speak out to make sure these teachings are not being ignored.  


a child 

A Mother 

A father matters.  A family matters.  Marriage matters.  A black child with a mother and a father has a better future than a white child with just a mother.  Protecting the child is job one.  It takes a family.  It takes a father.  It takes the Church to remind us that life, marriage, and family are sacred.  Save the Church.  Save the Truth.  The Truth Matters.  


a black baby 

A Black Father 

A black life matters so stop killing your babies and stop getting rid of their fathers.  Vote for life.  Stop voting for baby killers.  Vote for family and religion.  Only the Church is protecting life, marriage, and family.  Without her, the marxists will have their way.  Russia and China had to get rid of the Church.  Vote for freedom.  Vote for law and order.  


a critical issue 

A Racial Problem 

a representation decision.  Does Black Lives Matter represent the blacks?  The Democratic Party clearly represents the blacks every four years and this will continue until everyone understands that they are part of the whole and not just a part of a part.  Vote for the whole and not just for the parts. 

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