a truth cancelled 

A Truth Not Spoken 

A lie affirmed.  Facebook can’t protect you.  They can only manipulate you.  They control the information.  What do you control?  What you say and do.  Only if you have the courage to do so.  Be not afraid.  Be informed.  Not manipulated by social media.  


a mining of racism 

A Country Being Divided 

A marxist playbook.  No solutions.  Just problems identified.  The consequence is chaos.  A disorder.  Common sense cancelled.  Fear and hate are the seeds of division.  Freedom is the price to be paid.  Religion must go or at least be ignored.  The solution will be clear once your freedom is lost.  


a gender agenda 

A Cancelled Culture 

A family destroyed.  Fathers need not apply.  Marriage is meaningless.  The teachings of the Church on Life, Marriage, and Family are being ignored.  Protect the child.  Let the little children come.  Climate change is not a threat to children.  The Democratic Party is.  They along with the media are liars.  


a lit candle 

A Truth Shineth 

A darkness cancelled.  None of the wicked shall understand.  The wise shall.  You can cancel the darkness surrounding you simply by lighting your candle.  It will be noticed.  Maybe not understood.  Not your problem.  Seek the truth and it shall be found.  It can’t be cancelled.  Go ahead and light your candle and let it shine.  


a tower of babel 

A New Jargon 

A confusion that is the enemy of truth.  Gaslighting.  Virtue signaling.  Woke.  Reset.  Cancel culture.  etc.  Don’t give in to the new way of talking.  Stay with the old way of talking like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The truth is simple.  Like Life, Marriage, and Family.  Simple is a good thing.  


a cancellation of truth 

A Safe Space 

A protection for those who can’t handle the truth.  It makes you wonder how many can even recognize the truth.  Can you?  Victims must be protected as soon as they are created which must come first.  How does it feel to be a victim?  Others want to know the truth.