a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A color of a polluted sea.  Can you say climate change?  Oh no Mr. Bill.  A fate worse than death ushering in a New World Order with no need for religion.  We now have science that tells us there are way too many people so abortion is just one of many solutions.  Marx was right.  Religion protecting life, marriage, and family is the biggest problem.  

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a learning experience 

A School For Children 

A curriculum that can’t be controlled by parents.  The marxists are in control.  Racism and climate change are at the top of their agenda.  Not reading, writing, and arithmetic.  The good news is they know how to distribute the goods.  Just get in line.  The cost?  Your freedom.  To each according to their needs.  And that’s the truth.  


a truth crisis 

A Church That Must Prevail 

A contamination by the State.  Money.  The bishops get way too much money from the State.  Racism and climate change promoted by the marxists to divide the country are now being mentioned by our bishops when they should be talking about Life, Marriage, and Family.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Only the laity can keep them honest.  


a domestic terrorist 

A Resistance to Government Control 

A vicious attack on anyone who resists.  If you are opposed to mandates or excessive spending, be prepared to encounter the big bully.  Climate change and racism are the real issues.  If you don’t agree, they will come after you.  Get with the program to show that you really care.  


a mandate 

A Freedom Lost 

A fear driven agenda.  We are all going to die.  If covid doesn’t get you, climate change surely will.  You have to spend money you don’t have to save the world.  More money chasing fewer things.  Inflated claims lead to inflated prices.  The real cost is loss of freedom.  


a fear 

A Means of Controlling the Masses 

A conspiracy.  Be not afraid.  Religion is now the enemy.  It gives life a purpose.  Fear only God.  Social justice is being used to replace religion.  It divides us.  It is not the Way, the Truth, or the Life.  The state is replacing the family.  Life and marriage are being replaced by climate change and racism.  The child is now a threat to the planet.  


a three way struggle 

A White Horse For Freedom 

A Red Horse for one religion.  A Black Horse with no religion.  A Pale Horse with death and destruction for all.  Refugees everywhere and all you can do is pray.  Christians, Muslims, and Communists can’t agree on freedom.  All have to deal with death and the consequences of decisions made.  So what are you doing about climate change?  Praying?