a school being opened 

A Critical Race Theory and Climate Change 

A new curriculum.  Schools are finally being opened but what are they teaching?  Fear.  The future is scary.  Our children are our future.  The problem?  Way too many kids and systemic racism.  The solution?  Fewer kids and a marxist system.  Can you say communism?  


a marxist agenda 

A Contagious Virus 

A school that spreads it.  The teachers are already infected and have limited immunity.  They infect our children.  The real target is family and religion identified by Marx as the real threat to equality.  Religion had to be eliminated to bring about a communist society.  Why? Call it freedom.  The teachings of the Church protect freedom.   


a vote for religion 

A Clear Choice 

A threat to marxism.  The Church is the enemy of communism.  This is clearly demonstrated in Russia and China.  Saul Alinsky with his marxist playbook was able to work with the bishop’s CCHD to fund political action groups like ACORN that have no place to go except to the Democratic Party.  This false charity allows bishops to indirectly support a political party that supports abortion.  Please vote for Trump who supports religious freedom.  


a marxist 

A Communist 

a socialist all worship at the climate change church.  They all promote racism.  They all support abortion.  They all vote for Democrats.  Life, marriage, and family are not part of their agenda.  Nor is religious liberty.  Nor is liberty.  


a rider of the black horse 

A Black Sea 

a second threat to Christianity.  Communism.  Marx had no use for religion.  The “opium of the people” had to be eliminated in order to bring about a perfect society.  That meant the killing of 100 million people in Russia and China.  Islam and communism would both take peace from the earth.  Both have been defeated militarily but are still a threat to Christianity as well as to each other.  So why is Francis worried about climate change? 


white red black pale 

A Sea Of Colors 

are like numbers requiring no interpretation.  The White, Red, and Black seas are well known.  The pale sea not so much.  These colors can identify the four horsemen.  From the Black Sea we have Communism and from the Red Sea we have Islam.  The two greatest enemies of the Church.  Death, the rider of the pale horse could be with us now.    

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