a post recycled

A Recapitulation 

A vision in the Apocalypse that is repeated.  A theory developed by Victorinus that is necessary to understand what John wrote.  It means chapters in the Apocalypse can’t be considered to be in chronological order.  That only leads to misinterpretation and a great deal of confusion.   


a blessing 

A Reason To Read 

A reader who is blessed.  Promised at the beginning and again at the end.  Five times in between for a total of seven.  Being blessed is a good thing.  Especially during times of confusion.  Our leaders are lying.  Where do we go for the truth?  Can we recognize the truth?  


a tower of babel 

A New Jargon 

A confusion that is the enemy of truth.  Gaslighting.  Virtue signaling.  Woke.  Reset.  Cancel culture.  etc.  Don’t give in to the new way of talking.  Stay with the old way of talking like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The truth is simple.  Like Life, Marriage, and Family.  Simple is a good thing.