a zuckerberg manipulation 

A Desantis Target 

A jim crow law restricting vote fraud.  Zuckerberg knows how to target and manipulate. He has the money to do it.  Desantis knows Zuckerberg and the law.  A political war in Florida will deal with ballot harvesting in key Democratic strongholds in certain swing states.  Desantis vs Zuckerberg  is a fight for control of our country.  


a party for abortion 

A Catholic Vote 

a vote for abortion when you vote for a candidate who belongs to a party that supports abortion.  The Democratic Party supports abortion.  You cannot ignore this.  You can’t say you didn’t know.  You have an obligation to find out how abortion is supported.  Judges appointed by Democrats support abortion. 

Home 18

a teacher  

A Policeman  

a union protects them all.  Even the bad ones.  The Democrats protect the unions but not the unborn baby.  They talk about climate change but not life, marriage, and the family.  They protect two guys living together but not the fatherless child.  Do you need protection?  Move to the city where they can protect you.   


a marxist 

A Communist 

a socialist all worship at the climate change church.  They all promote racism.  They all support abortion.  They all vote for Democrats.  Life, marriage, and family are not part of their agenda.  Nor is religious liberty.  Nor is liberty.  


is it 

A Real Concern 

of theirs or are they just using it?  Climate change.  What might they be using it for?  A distraction.  What don’t they want to talk about?  Abortion and homosexuality.  The democrats don’t want to talk about abortion.  Francis and the bishops don’t want to talk about homosexuality.  They all want to talk about climate change.  It’s a distraction they want and need.  



A Planet 

or save life, family, and religious freedom.  The choice is yours.  A false dilemma?  There is another choice.  Just ignore it all and not vote.  With or without you a decision will be made and either the democrats will be in control or the republicans.  The solution to climate change is fewer people.  Just think about it.   Home

save the planet 

A Clear Difference 

between the two parties.  Francis and the bishops side with the democrats on climate change and seem to ignore their support for abortion and homosexuality.  Republicans don’t get any credit for their support of life, family, and religious freedom.  Save life or the planet.  It is your decision.    



A Problem 

and you are the source.  You can’t do much about it but you can vote for democrats.  It shows you care.  At least they are talking about it.  Most of the time they are talking about the fact that the republicans are not talking about it.  A clear difference.  Save the planet.  Francis and the bishops will bless you.    



A Follower 

of my blog.  We should all care about our environment.  What is the solution?  For that you must read the fine print.  The first thing you can do is vote for Democrats because they are talking about it, abortion, and homosexuality.  The solution is to reduce the population before climate change does it.  We are all going to die!  Republicans are not good for the environment because they talk about life and family which increases the population and carbon emissions.  It’s that simple.  Right?