a history 

A Number 

a connection with prophecy and with other parts of the bible.  The “ten horns” of Daniel helps us understand those of the Apocalypse.  Both tell us the horns are kings.  Most likely dynasties.  A beast or empire with only ten kings cannot be significant.  Counting dynasties makes more sense.  See if that fits.  

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a head 

A Dynasty 

a horn will make war with the saints and take peace from the earth.  The Umayyad dynasty, the second dynasty of Islam, attacked Constantinople three times.  The Ottoman dynasty, the tenth dynasty of Islam, also attacked three times and ended the thousand years when the saints reigned with Christ.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  

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beasts and dynasties 

A Fit 

with historical events that need to be consistent with Daniel based on “ten horns”.  The beasts of the Apocalypse are connected to those of Daniel.  With so many candidates, how did Daniel come up with just four.  It just might have something to do with the temple.  Who messed with the temple?  

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John Chrysostom

A Third John 

who also am your brother was in Ephesus at the beginning of the 5th century replacing seven bishops.  Astronomy convinced Nikolai A. Morozov that Chrysostom wrote the Apocalypse.  R.A. Charles has this.  At this time five of the seven dynasties of the Roman Empire had fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come.  Also at this time, Jerome was finishing the Vulgate and needed a reliable copy of the Apocalypse.  

Watch for more pieces that fit.  Blessed is the one who looks.

Isaac Newton

A Project 

left undone.  His unpublished work on the Apocalypse was saved, translated, and put online.  All interested in the Apocalypse should consider his views which includes dynasties as the meaning of seven heads and ten horns.  Newton felt our understanding of the Apocalypse would continue to improve as we approach the end.   Daniel assures us of that.  

Watch for more pieces that fit.  Blessed is the one who looks.