a man

A Father 

A protector of the family made in Their Image.  The family is a trinity.  It is the child that joins a man and woman together.  One flesh.  Protecting the child is job one.  Let the children come and  do not offend the little ones.  Life, Marriage, and Family.  Protect them.  It’s your job.  It’s the truth.  Saint Joseph pray for us.  


a new curriculum 

A Marxist Agenda 

A conspiracy.  Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are being replaced by Racism, Climate Change, and Transgenderism.  Parents are being replaced by the Village.  It was easy.  Just get rid of fathers and religion.  Marx knew the enemy.  The Church.  Fathers are missing and the Church is silent.  


a teacher 

A Marxist Tool 

A child is our front line protecting our freedom.  It should be fathers, family, and faith protecting our freedom.  What happened to fathers?  Family?  Lack of faith.  The teachings of the Church on Life, Marriage, and Family are not being taught.  Francis is working with China which may improve our schools.  


a missing father 

A Missing Respect For Authority 

A systemic breakdown of the family.  Respect for Authority starts in the home with a father.  Respect for Life.  Respect for Marriage.  The teachings of the Church on Life, Marriage, and Family are being ignored.  They are not even being taught.  Truth is missing.  Truth must be stated.  Speak it.  Repeat it.  


a father 

A Necessary Ingredient 

A job for a man.  Just be there.  The police are there to protect you.  They deserve your respect.  Respect for authority starts with a father.  The mother should know how important he is.  The Church should be teaching this.  Are you?  St. Joseph pray for us.