a red horse 

A Threat to Christianity 

A threat to peace.  The rider was Mohammed who was given a great sword.  History records all the battles that can be attributed to Islam, the religion of peace.  It started at the Red Sea.  The Russians from the Black sea slowed them down but they must still be reckoned with.  

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a black horse 

A Threat To Religion 

A threat to life, marriage, and family.  The rider was Marx, the father of communism, socialism, and modernism.  The Church stood in the way.  Her teachings on life, marriage, and family would inspire many to fight for liberty and justice for all.  That fight continues today.   Save the Church.  Save the Truth and your freedom.  

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a red horse 

A Red Dragon 

A Red Sea.  A Black Sea.  A White Sea.  Colors are significant.  Numbers are significant.  Together with history they can lead us to a correct interpretation of what has been prophesied.  Try to make sense of them.  A reliable interpretation of prophecy depends on this.  Your understanding will improve.  

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a horseman 

A Threat to the Church 

A prophecy fulfilled.  The greatest threats to the Church have come from Islam, the Red Sea, and Communism, from the Black Sea.  Mohammed is the rider of the red horse and Marx is the rider of the black horse.  The threat from the rider of the pale horse is not so clear and may be with us today.  Death.  

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