a need to understand

A Reason For Free Speech 

A silence only protects the lie.  The truth like a candle will always penetrate the darkness.  The liar must restrict free speech.  Reason and logic also threaten the lie.  Seek the truth and you will find it.  Speak the truth and you will be attacked by the liars.  Be not afraid.  The truth will set you free.  


a worldpress 

A Typo Intended 

A way to reach all nations.  You got something to say?  This is where you say it.  Looking for the truth?  You may find it at WordPress.  You will find independent thinkers doing their own research and reporting what they found.  Your source for truth is being controlled and may be controlling you.  And that’s the truth.  


a day to remember 

A Life Given For Our Liberty 

A defense of our freedom.  Many lives have been lost defending our way of life.  Liberty is not free.  We must fight to protect our liberty.  For whatever reason there are those doing what they can to restrict our freedom.  We must be willing to do whatever is necessary to protect it.  So many have given up their life so we might be free.  We remember them today.  


a truth cancelled 

A Truth Not Spoken 

A lie affirmed.  Facebook can’t protect you.  They can only manipulate you.  They control the information.  What do you control?  What you say and do.  Only if you have the courage to do so.  Be not afraid.  Be informed.  Not manipulated by social media.  


a fear of the unknown 

A New Curriculum 

A hatred being carefully taught.  Our children cannot read or write but they are being taught to fear climate change and hate racism.  We have the truths but they are not being taught.  We have laws but they are not being enforced.  Cling to your bible and gun.  We have religion and freedom but they are slipping away.  


a new religion 

A Social Justice 

A chance to show you care.  You too can be a victim if you don’t.  They will come after you.  The lie must be protected with intimidation.  It can’t handle the truth.  It takes courage to speak the truth.  It is a job for the laity if our leaders can’t do theirs.  Speak the truth if you have it.  Look for it if you don’t.  


a fear of religion 

A Belief That Makes Others Uncomfortable 

A reluctant approval of a lifestyle.  Are you creating guilt?  Your lack of approval can be seen as hate.  Does love demand approval?  Not to mention mercy and forgiveness which assumes disapproval.  Your belief is a weapon aimed at the victim.  Your fear of God is a threat to them.  


a value 

A Protection of Life, Marriage, and Family 

A defense of liberty.  Religious liberty.  A first amendment.  The second amendment is the way to defend it.  Cling to your guns and bible.  They go together like love and marriage.  Life and liberty.  Free speech is the enemy of the lie.  The truth will always win the debate.  Reason and logic will prevail.