a bread line 

A Distribution Problem 

A capitalist solution is to increase profits by making more bread.  A marxist solution is to increase power by controlling who gets what.  A baker’s solution is a gun to protect his bread.    A christian solution is to pray and share.  Good luck with that.  


a reliable history 

A Church to be Trusted 

A reason to believe historians.  Are historians more trustworthy than theologians?  They don’t have denominations.  They don’t have a pope.  They just have other historians checking their work.  Self policing.  They don’t carry guns.  Just a pen.  It is mightier than the sword.  History records this.  


a fear of the unknown 

A New Curriculum 

A hatred being carefully taught.  Our children cannot read or write but they are being taught to fear climate change and hate racism.  We have the truths but they are not being taught.  We have laws but they are not being enforced.  Cling to your bible and gun.  We have religion and freedom but they are slipping away.  


a value 

A Protection of Life, Marriage, and Family 

A defense of liberty.  Religious liberty.  A first amendment.  The second amendment is the way to defend it.  Cling to your guns and bible.  They go together like love and marriage.  Life and liberty.  Free speech is the enemy of the lie.  The truth will always win the debate.  Reason and logic will prevail.