a border opened 

A School Closed 

A fence unfinished.  A pipeline shutdown.  The police defunded.  More restrictions on guns and religious liberties.  No more Jim Crow laws.  Finally a president who knows what he is doing.  Did you get your check?  


a white man 

A Candidate for President 

A Catholic with a black woman for balance.  Racism is real but don’t forget about climate change, health care, and immigration.  You can forget about life because abortion is also on the ballot for the feminists.  You can also forget about the rigid dogma of religion.  That is so yesterday.  Today we must make everyone comfortable.  We can’t let dogma get in the way.  



A Priority 

that has no equal.  If you don’t get this right, you can’t get anything right.  Not even climate change.  Not even homosexuality.  The democrats and the bishops seem to have a common agenda.  Ignore abortion.  Promote same sex attraction.  Stress climate change and open borders.  An unholy alliance


the ice age 

A Climate Change 

that man had nothing to do with.  Man did have something to do with abortion, divorce, and same sex marriage.  The teachings of the Church have not changed.  They are just being ignored.  The bishops don’t have time to talk about them.  They are too busy talking about climate change and immigration.  That is okay with the Femocratic Party.  Is that okay with you?   



A Goal 

for everyone.  We are all sinners but don’t make it worse with condemnation.  Abortion, divorce, and same sex marriage are not that bad.  Too much emphasis on life, marriage, and family will make others uncomfortable.  Don’t forget about climate change and immigration.  You can’t ignore that.  Know what is important.  Listen to what the bishops say.