a candlestick 

A Church 

A star and a light for the world.  A Guide.  The seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.  Those churches no longer exist.  Christianity no longer exists there.  Replaced with Islam.  The churches in Europe are also being replaced and Muslims are rapidly taking over.  

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a year 666 

A Calendar 

A date, a mark, a beginning.  A common year 44 BC.  The Julian calendar preceded the Gregorian calendar which didn’t start until 1582.  The Islamic calendar started in 622 CE and that would be 666 of the Julian calendar which was in effect at that time.  The Hegira marks the beginning of Islam.  

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a red horse 

A Red Sea 

a great sword to take peace from the earth.  The rider is Mohammed the father of Islam that is the fourth beast of Daniel and the second beast of the Apocalpse.  It took them 44 years to get to Constantinople where they were stopped.  It took them 110 years to get to Tours, France where they were stopped.  The history of Islam is all the evidence you need to show that Islam is not a religion of peace.  

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a thousand 

A Big Number 

a place to start.  There is only one Christian empire that lasted a thousand years.  It was attacked in the year 666.  It was ended by the 10th dynasty of Islam.  It was started by the Roman Empire that had seven dynasties.  This is a good start.  Does it fit with the other parts?  We shall see. 

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