a baseball game

A Jim Crow Voting Law 

A Delta flight from Atlanta to Denver.  Coke anyone?  Can you say Voter ID or Ballot Harvesting?  Delta, MLB, and Coke can’t.  They can say Jim Crow along with Biden and Stacey Abrams.  So go ahead, drink Coke, fly Delta, and watch the all star game.  Jim Crow.  


a zuckerberg manipulation 

A Desantis Target 

A jim crow law restricting vote fraud.  Zuckerberg knows how to target and manipulate. He has the money to do it.  Desantis knows Zuckerberg and the law.  A political war in Florida will deal with ballot harvesting in key Democratic strongholds in certain swing states.  Desantis vs Zuckerberg  is a fight for control of our country.  


a jim crow voting law 

A Race Baiting Lie. 

A lie started by Biden and promoted by Coca Cola and Major League Baseball aka MLB.  You can vote today about this and you won’t need any voter identification.  Stop watching baseball and don’t drink Coke.  Here is the truth:  the new Georgia voting law requires voter identification.  Sorry about that Stacy.  


a voter identification law

A Jim Crow Law 

A BIG LIE.  A BIDEN LIE promoted by Coca Cola and Major League Baseball aka MLB.  You can do something about this right now.  Stop drinking Coke.  Stop watching major league baseball.  Stop the LIE.  Pay attention to others doing the same.  


a missing father 

A Missing Mother 

A consequence of government policy.  The state will help you if there is no father.  The country will let you in if there is no mother.  You can now turn your kids over to a foreign country.  Biden will take care of them.  Why would he lie?  Jim Crow?  


a border opened 

A School Closed 

A fence unfinished.  A pipeline shutdown.  The police defunded.  More restrictions on guns and religious liberties.  No more Jim Crow laws.  Finally a president who knows what he is doing.  Did you get your check?