a first coming 

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness 

bare record ties the Apocalypse to John the Baptist.  He was preparing the way for the Lamb, a word found 27 times in the Apocalypse.  John the Apostle knew the seven churches and John the Baptist who knew Daniel.  They are all connected and we can use numbers and history to find out what has been prophesied and how it was fulfilled.  

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a crying voice 

A First Coming 

A kingdom at hand.  The time was near.  John the Baptist knew the Lamb, a word used 27 times in the Apocalypse.  He wrote the first one.  Later John the apostle added Jesus and the seven churches.  He knew about the followers of John the Baptist in Ephesus.  There must be a third John.  

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a conjecture

A Purely Jewish Composition

A revelation that there may have been more than one version of the Apocalypse by more than one writer.  A reasonable speculation that may address all the questions concerning when, who, and why.  What actually happened is unsettled and warrants continued consideration into what may have happened.  If you have an ear.