a restriction on speech and beliefs 

A Critical Election 

A vote for freedom.  Canada not only restricts your speech regarding transgenders, it also forces you to use their preferred pronoun.  Transgenders are now protected from the harmful effects of free speech.  The unborn baby is not.  You can still kill the unborn baby but be very careful what you say to a transgender.  They are protected.  


a vote for freedom 

A Catholic Vote 

a restriction on speech and beliefs.  Hate speech?  Your religious beliefs regarding LGBT issues can be considered hate speech.  A court decides what kind of cakes a baker makes.  Parents lose control of their children’s gender. Regardless of your beliefs you can be forced to participate in and/or pay for abortion.  

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a call to action 

A Catholic Vote 

a call for religious freedom.  The sanctity of life, marriage, and family is being threatened by political correctness.  We have to make them comfortable.  Without the necessary approval, the LGBT crowd suffers greatly.  Your religious beliefs interfere with their rights.  The right of approval.  

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a test for religion 

A Catholic to be Judged 

a woman with dogma.  Is there freedom of religion?  Does the Dogma live loudly within her?  A question for a court nominee.  Let’s put the Church on trial.  Is the sanctity of life, marriage, and family a threat to democracy?  It’s not just abortion.  The LGBT crowd will not allow the Church to interfere with their agenda.  It will be ugly like you have never seen.  


a real issue 

A Supreme Court Judge 

a protection of women who are supposed to protect the child.  Who needs a man for protection when you have the state?  You don’t have to cook for the state.  With the state you are free.  Free to work.  Free to stay home with the kids.  Free to change your gender.  The state will take care of your kid’s gender.  Everyone will be taken care of.  


a silence 

A Forced Silence 

a restriction on speech.  Transgender rights in Canada not only prohibits certain kinds of speech, it actually forces certain kinds of speech.  Your children can now choose their gender and any treatment concerning it without your approval.  LGBT rights continue to expand.  Check with your lawyer before you say anything or refuse to say certain things.  


there has been

A Paradigm Shift 

in the focus of the Church.  Life, marriage, and family have been replaced by climate change, immigration, LGBT, and healthcare.  The bishops are now more closely aligned with the Democratic Party that supports abortion.  How did this happen?  Homosexuals now control the Church.  This is not nice.  Sorry about  that but we have a Church to fight for and that means going after the cancer that has corrupted it.  What’s your job?