a comfort zone 

A Ban on Nuclear Family Talk 

A protection for those who are not already protected with a nuclear family.  Thank God for marxism.  It protects everyone from religion and all this Life, Marriage, and Family talk.  A safe space for all.  Please excuse all the demonstrations and rioting.  It’s a means to an end.  The cure is not worse than the disease.  Really.  


a search for the truth 

A Clue 

A way to recognize it.  It might protect the child.  It might set you free as in freedom.  It will allow you to exercise your religious beliefs and to express your political views.  It won’t restrict you unless you must have approval for what you are doing.  Good luck in your pursuit of truth and happiness.  


a hope 

A Faith 

A charity.  It starts with hope.  It starts with wanting something and the belief that it is obtainable.  It ends with charity, the fruit of a good person.  Jesus gave us hope with a promise of eternal life.  He also made it possible.  You might be saved.  It is now up to you.  


a question of priorities 

A Woman’s Choice 

A feminist knows what is important.  It is not killing babies up to and including the day they are born.  Not killing gramma.  Both are acceptable.  What is not?  Sexual harassment.  That is going too far.  They will want to get rid of you for that.  Who would have thunk it?  A bridge too far.  It is time for a reality check ladies.  


a life worth living 

A Lesson Learned the Hard Way 

A new book for a lonesome governor.  According to Cuomo it is okay to kill your baby but don’t mess with gramma.  Cuomo signed the abortion bill and was celebrated by the media and baby killing Democrats.  So when Covid came along he had no reason to think gramma needed protection.  Don’t mess with the weather girl.  She’s a bully!  


a love of truth 

A Reason to Live 

A meaning for life.  A test of wills.  Don’t bury your talent.  Learn what you can.  Teach what you can.  You will need help.  Ask for it.  Seek the truth.  You will find it.  Knock and it will be open unto you.  The Truth will not only set you free, It will make you happy.  It will help you pass the final test.  We are being tested. You may not find that word in your bible.  

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a revelation 

A Rule to Live By 

A reasonable belief.  There are some things you cannot change.  They are sacred.  They are recognized by our constitution.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  They start with life.  


a strange silence 

A Support of Abortion 

A killing of babies cannot be ignored.  Talking about climate change, when babies are being killed, by a bishop, cardinal or pope sends the wrong message.  Abortion is a preeminent issue.  It cannot be equated with any issue.  Life comes first.  There is no second.  Silence is not an option. We must speak out.