a climate change 

A Consequential Election 

A mail in ballot and vote fraud determining the direction of government.  Cities controlled by Democrats can control swing states.  Don’t forget what happened in the last election.  Don’t forget what happened to Jesse’s trailer 10R1440.  Who can you trust?  


a weird conspiracy 

A Post Office Trailer 10R1440 

A missing trailer investigation without leaks.  Both the trailer and the investigation are missing.  So are the leaks.  The leaks about investigating Jesse, the truck driver, and his family are not missing.  The FBI wants to know how he got on TV and if he is being paid by the Republicans.  His family history is being leaked.  A gofundme has been started.  


a date 

A Signature 

A face identification.  A controlled ballot.  A means to restrict voting.  Yes.  There are those who will cheat big time.  Big enough to change the outcome of a state.  They just need a city big enough and controlled by one party.  Enter Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, etc. where observers were not allowed to observe.  They were not allowed to testify about it.  


a new face 

A New Way to Vote 

A perfect storm.  Tiana Epps-Johnson is an Obama Foundation Fellow who heads the CTCL that got 400 million dollars from Zuckerberg to make it easier for you to vote.  We cannot let dates, signatures, and identification limit the ability of others to vote.  Enter the drop box, a place to store the millions of additional votes from those who find it difficult to vote.  A Post Office trailer like 10R1440 holds a lot more ballots than a drop box.