a winner

A Celebration 

A loser.  There will always be losers.  Don’t waste your time wondering why they lost.  We want to know why the winner won.  Celebrate the winners.  They will lead the way.  They will teach others how to win.  They will teach us what works and that matters.  


a first place finisher

A Second Place Finisher 

A third place finisher was also on the stage.  The first and second place finishers stood at attention with their hand over their heart while the national anthem played.  I don’t remember what the third place finisher did.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter?  


a child 

A Mother 

A father matters.  A family matters.  Marriage matters.  A black child with a mother and a father has a better future than a white child with just a mother.  Protecting the child is job one.  It takes a family.  It takes a father.  It takes the Church to remind us that life, marriage, and family are sacred.  Save the Church.  Save the Truth.  The Truth Matters.