a king of the north 

A Fit with Daniel 

A king of the south, Mohammed, and his daughter, Fatimah along with one of his commanders, Muawiyah,  who will become even stronger is a good fit with Daniel.  Some of the bibles use the word princes(25) instead of the more believable word commanders(11) or other words as we shall see in a following post.  

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a red horse 

A Red Sea 

a great sword to take peace from the earth.  The rider is Mohammed the father of Islam that is the fourth beast of Daniel and the second beast of the Apocalpse.  It took them 44 years to get to Constantinople where they were stopped.  It took them 110 years to get to Tours, France where they were stopped.  The history of Islam is all the evidence you need to show that Islam is not a religion of peace.  

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A Connection 

to the Apocalypse with the “ten horns” of the beast but to identify this beast, it must fit with the other parts of both Daniel and the Apocalypse.  Start with the Dome of the Rock which can be considered the abomination of desolation in that it is preventing the third Temple.  It was built by the King of the North, Muawiyah, who can easily be connected with the King of the South, Mohammed, and his daughter, Fatimah. – Daniel 11:6  – 

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