a new heaven

A New Earth 

A new Jerusalem.  A pure river of water of life.  The Tiber is not clear as crystal.  That which comes out of Rome is now as corrupted as that which has gone into Rome.  It will take a chastisement to correct it.  Life, marriage, and family is the environment that we need to worry about.  Protect the child.  Let them come.  

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a worldpress 

A Typo Intended 

A way to reach all nations.  You got something to say?  This is where you say it.  Looking for the truth?  You may find it at WordPress.  You will find independent thinkers doing their own research and reporting what they found.  Your source for truth is being controlled and may be controlling you.  And that’s the truth.  


a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A color of a polluted sea.  Can you say climate change?  Oh no Mr. Bill.  A fate worse than death ushering in a New World Order with no need for religion.  We now have science that tells us there are way too many people so abortion is just one of many solutions.  Marx was right.  Religion protecting life, marriage, and family is the biggest problem.  

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