a state election 

A World to Save 

A chance to make a difference.  Again?  We have to trust the system even though they can’t find Jesse’s trailer.  Will there be any whistleblowers with this election?   They didn’t get treated very well with the last one.  Maybe the reset won’t be so bad.  Maybe the weather will improve.  


a reset 

A First Coming 

A Lamb of God.  A sacrificial Lamb.  A necessary redemption that we might be saved.  They slew all the children that were in Bethlehem.  Today we kill them before they are born.  The bishops are silent.  They do talk about climate change.  Life, marriage, and family are now being sacrificed for the New World Order.  The Reset.  

Home 24

a virus 

A Christmas Pest 

A carol off tune.  Drive thru, pickup, and delivery are all doing well thank you,  Is this the reset?  The new world order?  No.  Just greedy capitalists taking advantage of a bad situation.  They are quick to react.  The reset will take more time.  Government bureaucracy is slow in deciding whom to shut down.   


a weak link 

A State Will Determine The Future 

A complete control of government.  We have to rely on Georgia?  Can we trust the people there?  Can we trust the election?  Will you get a mail-in ballot?  What can we do?  Pray?  Is that all we can do?  Really?  The answer is subsidiarity.  That is not where we are headed.  Can you say New World Order?  Is it just a conspiracy theory?