a calendar

A Common Year 

A new calendar starting in 622 would be 666 of the Julian Calendar starting  with 44 BC.  The Hijri year is 622 and the start of the Islamic calendar.  A search of Daniel shows number refers to years.  John knows Daniel is the place to go for clues.  Follow the numbers.  

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A Dynasty 

A number ten connecting prophecy with history.  The tenth dynasty of Islam ended a thousand year reign of Christians.  Fall of Constantinople.  Not proof.  Just another piece of the puzzle that fits.  Need more numbers like the “seven heads” and the seven dynasties of the Roman Empire to support this hypothesis.  

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A Connection 

A fulfillment of prophecy in history.  Count them.  Better yet calculate them.  A better translation.  The number 666 must be calculated.  It is a date.  A year which depends on a calendar.  You can count the different calendars but a conversion from one to another requires a calculation.  A mark is a beginning.  Start there.  Even calendars have a beginning.  


a number of questions 

A Reason for Prophecy 

A search for understanding.  Why, Where, Who, When, and What?????  The answers should make sense.  All the questions must be considered.  For the most part we are limited to speculation which should be consistent with what we do know.  The first question is Why.  Why was the Apocalypse written?  

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A Prophecy 

A number to connect them.  You can trust numbers.  Interpretation not so much.  We have way too many bible versions because translators can’t agree on the Word of God.  Somehow they all agree on the numbers.  Use them and history to confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.